Traffic Topping, Parking Deck Coating Systems by SIKA

Questions about concrete floor polishing.
What are Sikalastic® Duodeck systems?

Sikalastic® Duodeck systems incorporate an elastomeric membrane specifically designed to bridge post-application cracks, a flexible, aggregate filled, non-skid wearing course to withstand the most severe vehicular traffic and, in exterior locations, a UV resistant top coat.

Certainteed Insulation Canada SIKA Duochem - Concrete Polishing & Sealing

 Concrete polishing of concrete floors and pedestrian walkways coatings by SIKA.
Options allow for tailored systems.

Options within the product range allow for tailored systems to accommodate differing levels of exposure, from pedestrian walkways and parking areas to driving lanes and the most demanding of locations including entrances, ramps and turn aisles.

All systems provide seamless, waterproof and chemical and abrasion resistant surfacing, fully compatible with Sika® repair and renovation systems to provide proven, durable protection to concrete slabs.

Sikalastic® Duodeck is unique in its environmental benefits, including the use of 100% solids, rapidly renewable and recycled raw materials, such as plant oils within the polyurethane resin and reprocessed rubber aggregates, making it a contributor toLEED® Canada credits.