Epoxy Flake Concrete Floor Coatings

Long-lasting epoxy flake floor coatings from Concrete Polishing & Sealing will enhance the look of your office, home, or garage while making it easy to clean.

Expert  Epoxy flake floor coating installed by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa

The composition layers of our Epoxy Flake Concrete Floor - built tough and looks great.

Professional installation of Epoxy flake floor coating by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa

With Over 2,000,000 Square-Feet of Epoxy Flooring Already Installed, Our Commercial Grade Epoxy Flake Flooring Is Indicated To Last.

Another epoxy flake floor installation by Concrete Polishing & Sealing.

We Install 10+ Epoxy Flakes Floor Colour Mixes and Styles.

We offer the widest variety of epoxy chip styles and colors. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your office space, home or garage, create a granite or terrazzo look with a flake floor. Indeed, you will find a base that fits your design and taste. A long-lasting epoxy flake coating will enhance the look of your concrete and make it easy to clean.

There are many Epoxy Flakes Floor Colours Available.

For other durable, dustless, low-maintenace concrete floor solutions check out these options for your floors: Metallic Epoxy Floor, Epoxy Coatings, and Traffic Toppings.

Our Epoxy Flake Flooring - Installed In One Day!

Concrete Polishing & Sealing can often install epoxy flake flooring in one day.
One Day Installation.

Our most popular epoxy flake flooring allows you to return your items to your space next day or day after. All of the Epoxy Flake systems start with a proprietary surface prep, epoxy primer that penetrates deep into the concrete to provide adhesion that is three times stronger than typical epoxy systems.

Key to long lasting epoxy flake floors is mechanical preparation.
Crack and Joint Repair.

One of the keys to a long-lasting epoxy flake floor is mechanical preparation and attention to flaws. We do concrete grinding and repair any open cracks, joints or other imperfections with our repair materials, that are specifically designed for the treatment of concrete damages.

Epoxy flake floor coatings are aesthetically pleasing, abrasion and chemical resistant.
Maintenance Free.

Our abrasion-resistant polyaspartic topcoats produce a clear, tough, easy-to-clean surface that does not require waxing or other upkeep. It will withstand many hazards, from the impact of vehicular traffic and rolling heavy items, to close contact with some chemicals. Ideal for demanding environments, epoxy flake floor coatings are aesthetically pleasing, plus abrasion and chemical resistant.

Our epoxy flake flooring will not delaminate.
No Peeling.

Our epoxy flake coatings are built on the highest quality epoxy that penetrates deep into the concrete, and bonds properly with up to 3 times higher adhesion than coatings. You can expect to have over eight pounds of moisture emission-blocking power. The coating will not delaminate.