Decorative Diamond Concrete Floor Polishing

When do I need decorative diamond concrete floor polishing?
When do I need Decorative Diamond Polishing?

Decorative diamond polishing (Polissage de béton) for concrete is a relatively recent concept in the construction industry. Polishing is suitable for refurbishing old concrete flooring or producing new durable, low-maintenance, high gloss concrete installations. This process provides a cost-effective flooring option that can accommodate tight budgets and creative design.
Walk-behind grinding machines with rotating diamond-abrasive heads remove the surface layer of the concrete and achieve a fine polish.

Resin Bonded Diamonds provide reflective concrete sheen.
Resin Bonded Diamonds Provide the Sheen.

Progressively finer diamond-abrasive segments are used, starting with very coarse grinding abrasives that remove thickness quickly, then moving to metal-bonded diamond heads. From there, resin-bonded diamonds achieve various degrees of polishing up to a highly reflective sheen. At some point in the grinding process, sodium silicate (or a related siliconate) is applied to the floor to densify, or harden, the concrete. The solution is absorbed into the concrete matrix, filling the pores. Chemically, the silicate reacts with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to produce calcium silicate hydrate. Potassium silicate, lithium silicate, and various siliconates are also used in other proprietary formulations.

Decorative Diamond Polishing provides water tight concrete floors..
Dust Repellent, Chemical Resistant and Water Tight.

After the silicate infuses into the concrete it crystallizes in place. Then, the polishing continues. Colours of various shades can be impregnated into the surface providing vibrant and unique translucent tones. Finally, concrete enhancement is applied to the surface. Hybrid inorganic / organic Nano lithium surface treatments are the latest trend today. Concrete enhancers additionally seal concrete floors, producing a very hard, dust repellent, chemical resistant and water tight surface.

Comparison of Polished Concrete vs. Tiles vs. Epoxy

Comparison of Polished Concrete vs. Tiles vs. Epoxy

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